April 2020 : what if this period were an opportunity to reinvent yourself?

In the current period of lock down and remote work, each of us is facing the current situation the best way they can with their own resources and worries in their respective context.

I have been cancelling all of my 2020 plenary learning sessions since beginning of March 2020. Now, after a month of reflection, I focus on adapting my coaching approach to provide remote support for individuals and teams to:

• step back, reflect and make the most of the present moment

• identify opportunities and diagnose challenges in the current context

• optimize individual and/or team performance

These unusual times are also an opportunities to

• identify, unleash and value all of your talents

• develop and co-construct new ways of working

• dare to launch new individual or collective initiatives

If your are interested to explore any of these routes via remote individual or team coaching, please don't hesitate to contact me directly per email: annick@azck.com.

With love and care

Annick Zinck