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November 6&7, 2013

AZck follows the 2013 NeuroLeadership Summit

This year the summit takes place in Washington DC.

AZck follows it on live stream here.

News on twitter here #2013NLS

June & November 2013

AZck for the Leadership Lab !

AZck delivers the Leadership Lab to a "multiple enterprise group" of leaders two times per year. This innovative workshop combines performing art with leadership & change practices and explores what it…


June 2013

AZck in Brazil

Over the last 3 years, AZck co created & managed a yearly leadership development program in Europe, for talented high potentials to grow and prepare their next career move within…


March 2013

AZck between Paris & Oxford

AZck joined "The Change Leaders", a community of change practitioners who attended the Consuting and Coaching for Change executive Master at HEC Paris & Oxford Said Business School. Its goal…


January 2013

AZck in the starting blocks

Wishing you a wonderful talented new year 2013 ! To start the new year with inspiration, have a look at our newsletter :


October 2012

AZck at the Neuroleadership Summit in New York

The Neuroleadership Summit, chaired by David Rock, brings neuroscientists together with CEOs, senior executives, coaches, OD consultants, academics, L&D and HR professionals, to better understand how the human brain functions…


October 2012

AZck at “Performing The World 2012” in New York

AZck facilitated the Clown Leadership…


May 2012

AZck at Harvard Kennedy School, Cambridge

AZck participated in "The Art & Practice of Leadership Development" program, an outstanding international program on adaptive leadership chaired by Martin Linsky.


September 2011

Launch of the Leadership Lab

This unique learning journey results from AZck'research completed in 2010-11 in response to the questions: What does it take to exercise leadership in unstable times? What can Mr Leader learn…


July 2011

AZck research project

In the current unstable times, what can Mr Leader learn from Mr Clown? and how? AZck performed action research in response to this question and presented this thesis project as…


April 2011

Catalogue of Team learning workshops

See updated list of team learning experiences available and adaptable to local and international organizations in the public and private sectors.


June 2011

Coaching & Consulting For Change

Annick completed an international executive masters in Coaching & Consulting for Change at Oxford Said Business School and HEC Paris, and graduated in June 2011.


January 2010

AZck for continuous education in Change Management

As part of her continuous development in the area of change management, Annick identified the following useful articles: - Neuroscience and change, by Rock & Schwarz. - SCARF model a…